The state of The Osbournes

Reports are coming in that Ozzy has cheated on Sharon Osbourne once again. I honestly figured that this probably had to do with his addiction, and probably still could. Not trying to make any excuses, but he could have been inebriated of some sort and went and slept with somebody. We don’t know all the details just yet. It is just confirmed he did cheat. When confronted with the news Ozzy ran away for a couple of days, is now moving out and they’re getting a divorce. It is such a shame because they are a true Testament to what a marriage should be when you actually try. So many people nowadays get divorced so quickly without trying to fix it that it was nice to see somebody try and work it out no matter the addictions or previous cheating matters. But in any case, she is human and we can only take so much. I’m sure she was fed up with the cheating since it’s not the first time. But I really and truly still hope for this couple because they’ve made it this far and done this good even through all of the horrible negativity. #hopeforOsbournes

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