Newisland Doctor Owl Musical Toy


Star rating 1/5
Ok to begin with this owl has some very weird choices in songs, when singing the ABC is sounds like extra letters are added. During story time it talks about the cock eating the mouse and so on. No I found it a little off that for a child’s toy they chose that wording. They need to pay attention to their audience especially when parents are very touchy about the words used. Couldn’t the word be rooster? Also all their songs are rip offs of other classics your child might know so that might confuse them. The only reason I did not return the owl is because my daughter likes chasing it in her walker as you can see in the video. Also the wing is broken on one side.

While I received this product at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest and unbiased review obviously that doesn’t change my opinion about the product. If I had not got it at a discounted rate I DEFINITELY would be returning it and even considered it even at a discounted rate.

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